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Welcome to our new partner FisioVR

Rehabilitation of stroke patients in a VR environment similar to their real life

The FisioVR project was born from the Ábaco Digital company, which has been in the field of content creation and digital experiences for 23 years, mainly in the field of virtual reality and 360 images and videos.

The FisioVR development uses virtual reality to support physiotherapy sessions for people with sensorimotor and balance disorders or deficits. It allows to acquire skills and abilities, through real three-dimensional (3D) digital environments where 360 ° scenes are created that allow to experiment, move, move and perceive certain situations in a safe environment. The combination of conventional physiotherapy intervention protocols with the use of this type of training systems with virtual reality (VR) optimizes the results in the recovery of the functional deficit of people. Different environments have been designed depending on the initial conditions of the patient and the achievements to be achieved.

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