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Fundación ARAID, new member in the cluster

Strengthens the knowledge area of the cluster as well as the One-Health line

Fundación ARAID is a non-profit institution, created in 2005 by the Government of Aragon, to promote R&D&i as a key factor in regional development and, therefore, at the service of the entire Aragonese society. The main activity of ARAID is the incorporation of researchers and scientists, to enhance the strategic lines of research for Aragon, although the Foundation is open to any field of research and knowledge, and to any researcher who accredits quality work and experience in the national or international level. It has six areas: Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Experimental and Mathematical Sciences, Human Sciences, Agricultural and Veterinary Science and Technological Sciences.”

This incorporation will allow us to incorporate our health researchers into our R&D&I projects, bring our research lines closer to companies and the market, in addition to strengthening our One-Health area.

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