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Business Areas

Four different business are included in Arahealth. The activities of the companies or institutions are manufacturing, supplying, service providing, and R+D.


In vitro diagnostics: Enterprises focused on developing, manufacturing and providing reactives and diagnostic kits. Clinic diagnosis laboratories are also included.

Nano and biotechnology: Universities and investigation centers’ start ups and spin offs.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical manufacturers and providers.

Med Tech

Medical devices: Companies specialized in medical devices.

ICT and medical equipment: Tecnological-based firms in the area of medical equipment, information, comunication and e-health.

Health care

Health care facilities: Hospital, clinics and medical centers, sometimes specialized in particular pathologies. Nursuring homes. Domestic health care. Other health care centers.

Healthcare equipment

Clinical furniture and specialized equipment for health sector. Sanitary architecture.

Innovation, training and collaboration:: To promote and boost the competitiveness of the health and biotechnology sectors in Aragon, AraBioTech and Arahealth have a collaboration agreement.


To accomplish succesfully its goals, the best way to manage the cluster is through the project development. Four workgroups are proposed to define the projects, find partners and execute each project:

Innovation and
market research

Innovation: Launch of new products and services, product or process R+D Innovación,…

Market research: Development of new niches markets as seniors, children, wellness, disability…

Operations, logistics and efficiency

Operations: ICT management, lean manufacturing, …

Logistigs: regional, national or international logistics routes optimization, …

Efficiency: improvements in chain supply, …

Business development and internationalisation

Business development: crosselling, on line channel, …

Internationalisation: new markets, health tourism, international tenders, …

Synergies and common projects

Synergies: networking, news, national and international visibility, collaboration with other business, …

Common projects: training, reports, surveys and studies, legal support, …