Gedifar, Laboratorios Vicu and Técnicas Radiofísicas, new partners at Arahealth

We welcome the three of them, we are already 51 members

Arahealth incorporates three new partners, already reaching fifty-one full members, in addition to nine collaborating partners.

Gedifar Norte is a company whose activity is focused on the wholesale distribution of parapharmacy products and the provision of consulting and advisory services in marketing and sales, as well as logistics services to both Novaltia and the Unnefar group.

Laboratorios Vicu  joins the cluster again. It is a biotechnological company resulting from the “Wellbeing” division of the WorldPathol company that is dedicated to the development and production of food supplements, cosmetics, injectable medical devices and CEIVD diagnostic medical devices.

Técnicas Radiofísicas is a medical physics consulting company and manufacturer of radiological protection equipment, such as Radiopharmacies, Radiation Detectors and Liquid Radioactive Waste Management Systems.

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