MEMBERS Address: Parque Tecnológico Walqa, edificio Podoactiva · 22197 · Cuarte (Huesca) · Spain Phone: (+34) 902 365 099 Email: info@podoactiva.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH Manufacture of medical and sanitary instruments Manufacture of medical equipment ICT and telemedicine services Center for R&D+i HEALTH CARE Clinic or private hospital Medical center Podoactiva is an Aragonese company … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Autovía de Huesca Km 7,200 Ciudad del Transporte C/ 68 · 50820 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 459 400 Email: novaltia@novaltia.es Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Distribution HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Sanitary architecture Novaltia Sociedad Cooperativa is a full-range drug and parapharmacy product distribution cooperative, with 100% pharmaceutical capital, which is among the … Read more

Lanau Suministros Clínicos

MEMBERS Address: Polígono Industrial Agrinasa 28 · 50420 · Cadrete (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 125 700 Email: m.gracia@sclanau.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH Distribution We are an enterprise from Zaragoza, dedicated to the distribution of medical and laboratory material and equipment since 1998. It story goes back to 1968 with different commercial names (José … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Plataforma Logística Zaragoza (PLA-ZA) C/Alaún, nº 8 · 50197 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 013 300 Email: marcos.rubio@inycom.es Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Manufacturing and providing reactives and diagnostic kits MEDTECH Distribution ICT and telemedicine services Inycom is the trademark of a group of technology companies managed by the same Steering … Read more

Ibernex Ingeniería

MEMBERS Address: Carretera de Cogullada 11 · 50014 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 794 226 Email: ibernex@ibernex.es Web Business Areas MEDTECH ICT and telemedicine services HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Ibernex, health and walfare technology. At Ibernex we design, manufacture and develop technology with guarantees at the service of health care, with the … Read more

Haikoo – Plásticos de la Península Ibérica

MEMBERS Address: Polígono Industrial El Águila, Av. Miguel Servet, 79 · 50180 · Utebo (Zaragoza) · Spain Email: info@haikoo.es Web Business Areas MEDTECH Manufacture of medical and sanitary instruments Certified masksAt Haikoo we are committed to safety and that is why we have created a certified mask with some of the best filters on the … Read more


MEMBERS Address: C/ Miguel Servet, 84 · 50013 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 487 038 Email: contabilidad@farmavazquez.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH Distribution ICT and telemedicine services Farmavázquez’s mission is to offer the widest catalog of pharmacy and parapharmacy products, with the highest levels of quality and service to all its customers. It … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Polígono San Ramón NII, Km 237 · 50300 · Calatayud (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 917 598 776 Email: info@farmatimecorp.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH Manufacture of medical and sanitary instruments Activities:  Disposable Face Masks for domestic & industrial use. Retail and wholesale channels. Description: Manufacturing of Disposable Face Masks (3 layers + ear … Read more

DIMA – Desarrollo e Investigación Médica Aragonesa

MEMBERS Address: Polígono Industrial Mediavega, Parcela 2.8 · 50300 · Calatayud (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 884 065 Email: rhernandez@dimasl.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH Manufacture of medical and sanitary instruments DESARROLLO E INVESTIGACIÓN MÉDICA ARAGONESA, SL was created in CALATAYUD in 1994 to manufacture sanitary products related to the treatment of pelvic floor pathologies. … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Avda. Fuencarral-Alcobendas, 6 · 28049 · Madrid (Madrid) · Spain Phone: (+34) 917408700 Ext. 53000 Email: info@cofares.es Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Distribution MEDTECH Distribution At Cofares we value our experience and capacity to innovate at the service of members, customers, suppliers and society, generating solid links and trusting relationships that drive the health … Read more