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ASOCIADOS Address: Polígono Industrial Centrovía C/ Buenos Aires nº 8, La Muela 50198 Phone:  976909868 Email: Web Business Areas SANITARY EQUIPMENT Manufactuing Distribution EVAIR mission is to provide Smart and Customized HVAC solutions to our customers. The competitive advantage is the high qualified EVAIR team and their customer orientation. The quality on the service … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Polígono Industrial Malpica C/F Oeste, Parcela 57, nº24, 50.016, Zaragoza Phone: 976 58 76 30 Email: Web Business areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Equipment supplier At AMC from Zaragoza and for 25 years we Design, Manufacture and Distribute: tableware, trays and carts in sustainable plastic materials (all of which are recyclable and … Read more

Técnicas Radiofísicas

MEMBERS Address: Polígono El Portazgo, nave 38. Carretera de Logroño, 50.011 Zaragoza Phone:  976 212 545 Email: Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICALS Pharma industry MEDTECH Distribution SANITARY EQUIPMENT Healthcare architectgure Manufacturing Distribution R+D center HEALTHCARE R+D Center TRF is a Medical Physics Consultancy firm and manufacturer of Radiation Protection Equipment. The firm was established in … Read more

Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados

MEMBERS Address: Calle Celsa 17 (Polígono Plaza) · 50197 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 536 700 Email: Web Business Areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Center for R&D+i Sistemas Tecnológicos Avanzados SA was created in 1981, and since that date, taking innovation as a constant in its business philosophy, it has acquired … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Polígono Industrial Centrovía. C/ Los Ángeles, 5 · 50198 · La Muela (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 300 033 Email: Web Business Areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Based on over 50 years of experience, PARDO is one of the leading international manufacturers of bedding solutions and hospital and geriatric equipment, and … Read more

Ibernex Ingeniería

MEMBERS Address: Carretera de Cogullada 11 · 50014 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 794 226 Email: Web Business Areas MEDTECH ICT and telemedicine services HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Ibernex, health and walfare technology. At Ibernex we design, manufacture and develop technology with guarantees at the service of health care, with the … Read more

Ergo Synergys

MEMBERS Address: C/ Castilla, Nº 5, local · 50009 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 758 443 Email: Web Business Areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Sanitary architecture Center for R&D+i ERGO SYNERGYS is a highly-qualified humane team who share the experience we have accumulated over more than 10 years in the conceptual DESIGN and development of industrial … Read more

CYO Ingeniería

MEMBERS Address: Pol Ind. Ruiseñores II, nave 1. ​Ctra. Logroño, Km. 8,5 · 50011 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 403 480 Email: Web Business Areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Sanitary architecture Equipment manufacturing CYO is an engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of special machines. In CYO highly qualified people work … Read more

Apotheka Imedisa

MEMBERS Address: Ctra. Valencia, Km 14 · 50420 · Cadrete (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 126 690 Email: Web Business Areas HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment manufacturing Apotheka is a leading company in design and remodeling of pharmacies, guiding any office owner in the processes of remodel and refurbishment, enlargement, relocation or new opening. By means of … Read more

Alliance Healthcare

MEMBERS Address: Pol Industrial Sector, 4 · 50830 · Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 728 600 Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Distribution MEDTECH Distribution ICT and telemedicine services HEALTHCARE EQUIPMENT Equipment distribution The origin of Alliance Healthcare España dates back to 1919, when a group of pharmacists from Aragón founded Sociedad Anónima … Read more