LevProt Bioscience

MEMBERS Address: Polígono La Charluca, calle C, parcela M 10-11, 50300 – Calatayud Phone:  +34 976 198 404 Email: rrincon@calatayud.es Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICALS Manufacturing and providing reactives and diagnostic kits R+D center Address: Polígono La Charluca, calle C, parcela M 10-11, 50300 – Calatayud Phone:  +34 976 198 404 Email: rrincon@calatayud.es Web Business Areas … Read more


MEMEBERS Address: Calle Josefa Amar y Borbón, 10, planta 2, oficina 4, Zaragoza. Phone:  976 025 510 Email: info@PredictLand.com Web Business Areas MEDTECH IT services and telemedicine   PredictLand, a Data Science company specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to business and Big Data, develops Ad-hoc Machine Learning solutions. It started its activity in 2017 in … Read more

Futuro y Vida Silver

MEMBERS Phone:  962 507 598 Email: alberto@amaia-app.com Web Business Areas Health Care Home assistance R+D center “Futuro y vida Silver” is a start up that was born with the aim of providing care services to the elderly people by using new technologies. With this approach, the team is currently developing a virtual tool, amaia-App, in … Read more

Fundación Rey Ardid

MEMBERS Address: Calle Guillén de Castro, 2 50.720, Zaragoza Phone:  976 74 04 74 Email: fundacion@reyardid.org Web Bussiness areas HEALTHCARE Sanidad pública Asistencia domiciliaria Centro asistencial The objective of the Foundation is to carry out, directly or in concert, activities aimed at the attention, care and integration of people. The personal scope of action of … Read more


MEMBERS Address: Cdad. del Transporte, 50015, Zaragoza Phone:  686 835 654 Email: info@transportesolivan.es Web Business areas BIOPHARMA Distribution MEDTECH Distribution SANITARY EQUIPMENT Distribution We are a transport company based in Zaragoza, and our mission is to provide an urgent courier service and immediate transport of goods to the rest of the peninsula. In addition, as … Read more

Grupo Hospitalario HC

MEMBERS Address: Paseo de los Rosales 28 dpdo, 50.008 Zaragoza Phone:  976 014 300 Email: contacto@grupohospitalariohc.com Web Business Areas: HEALTH CARE Clinic or private hospital Medical Center Innovation for a better treatment of patients. This is the key to the success of the Hernán Cortés Hospital Group. In order to adapt to the needs of … Read more

MAS Prevención

MEMEBERS Address: C/Monasterio de Samos, 31. 50.013. Zaragoza Phone:  876 254 300 Email: info@spmas.es Web Áreas de negocio SERVICIOS SOCIO-SANITARIOS Centro médico Centro de I+D+i We are an Occupational Risk Prevention Service with more than 30 years of experience and more than 35,000 client companies. Our mission is to promote the safety, health and comprehensive … Read more

Familiados Healthtech

MEMBERS Address: Carretera de Pamplona 1 (Edificio AIN) 31191 Cordovilla (Navarra) Email: contacto@familiados.com Web Business Areas HEALTHACARE Domestic healthcare Familiados is a community of people who take care of others. Families that take care of children, the elderly, or dependents, and professionals who are looking for work as caregivers. Through our App (or website) we … Read more

TEVA Pharma

MEMBERS Address: Malpica Calle C nº4 · 50016 · Zaragoza (Zaragoza) · Spain Phone: (+34) 976 571 784 Web Business Areas BIOPHARMACEUTICAL Pharma Industry TEVA is the company with the largest formulary in the pharmaceutical industry, with 3,500 products and 1,800 active ingredients, one of the companies that produces the most drugs and treats the … Read more