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Futuro y Vida Silver

Phone:  962 507 598

Business Areas

Health Care

  • Home assistance
  • R+D center

Futuro y vida Silver is a start up that was born with the aim of providing care services to the elderly people by using new technologies. With this approach, the team is currently developing a virtual tool, amaia-App, in order to fight against the undesired loneliness that many elder people are suffering from and delay the frailty. This new technology complements the benefits of medical and pharmatological treatments, in the emotional and conitive area.

Amaia-App is a tool that allows elder people to live their lives trought the emotions and experiencies of their family, friends and their closest ones, reinforcing other therapies that fight against the fragility and the undesired loneliness.

It’s an inclusive app connected to internet, unlike other apps that are more complex to use and that don’t have the usability contrasted with elder people

It allows users of our APP to connect with their families, taking advantage of the multimedia resources they generate on a daily basis.


Amaia-App was born from the Covid-19 health crisis. Working in eldery care centers we realized how interpersonal relationships changed. Psychological and emotional health is being seriously affected, and the effects — similar to those of post-traumatic stress — are likely to be long-lasting. Being with loved ones, especially in painful situations, when admitted to intensive care units, or at the end of life, to give a few examples, has become difficult or impossible in many cases (Source: https://

This social disconnection suffered since the beginning of the pandemic, added to natural factors of age: biological (deafness, cognitive impairment, mobility dependency), social (death of friends and family) and cultural, have changed the way in which older people interact and communicate.

On the other hand, Amaia App was born as a technological tool for the assesment of fragility in elder people and as a support system in order to complement the actions taken to delay this situation, through a cognitive and emotional approach to people, to fight against undesired loneliness


General Objective: Emotionally connect families although physical and technological barriers. We have an application that fights against the digital barrier, undesired loneliness and the speed of emotional fragility.

Specific Objectives: To be the main generator of moments between the elderly and their families, creating an unbreakable emotional bond.

Activity (products, sectors, services, markets):

Amaia-App is a system that allows elder people to see their family.

With the trust and the usability created by this tool, ancient people are able to interact with the digital system easly, this way the main algorithm will identify their mood and theraputical needs.


  • Silver Economy and dependent people.
  • Residences for elderly people or centers that give support to ancient people.
  • Public and private therapeutic system who monitorice the development of fragility in citizens.
  • Telecommunications Companies, Mobile devices, APP and IA that works to improve people’s heath.

Business Areas

Health Care

  • Home assistance
  • R+D center