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Diputación de Teruel

Address: Plaza de San Juan 7 · 44001 · Teruel (Teruel)

The collaboration agreement between DPT and Arahealth establishes the scope of development of the special collaboration relationship between DPT and ARAHEALTH in the following areas of interest:

a) Silver Economy (Active Aging, Promotion of entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship,
b) Health Technology (Telemedicine, telecare, monitoring in rural areas, etc …)

Those of activity in which the parties may carry out activities of common interest will be the following:

a) Promote, organize and / or participate in activities and projects within the areas of common interest of both parties, or of the entities covered by them (municipalities and companies).
b) Collaborate in the transfer of functional knowledge in the scope of their respective areas of knowledge within the framework of work groups and projects.
c) Reciprocal dissemination of activities related to the scope of collaboration established by this protocol, facilitating the visibility of both parties.
d) Any others that favor the better development of the spirit of the agreement.

In addition, the following work areas are prioritized in which the parties will be able to carry out the activities that will be developed in this protocol, without prejudice to including others covered in its scope:
a) Increase the attractiveness of the territory through the enhancement and improvement of socio-sanitary services as well as the offer of services to citizens, taking into account the special demographic and geographical characteristics.
b) Encourage entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship in both industrial projects and the provision of services and products to companies or end customers, including communication between the parties of those recently created SMEs in the Silver sector.
c) ARAHEALTH may act as a lobby or pressure group making technical-business reports when both parties deem it appropriate.
d) Promote inclusive initiatives with the elderly, especially related to the so-called “Silver Economy”.
e) Explore the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the province, especially those affecting the dispersed and aging population.

Address: Plaza de San Juan 7 · 44001 · Teruel (Teruel)