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AI and medical diagnosis: State of the Art and European market.

AI4Diag Thematic Workshop

This workshop will outline the AI and diagnostics international and European market and State of the Art: different technologies, addressed pathologies, services positioning, etc. The general aim is to give an overview of new methods to enable reliable individualised decision-making. A competition overview, as well as applications in different areas of healthcare will be presented.

11:00 Introduction to the workshop. Carlos Lapuerta, managing director, Aragón Health Cluster


AI and medical diagnosis: State of the Art. Rafael del Hoyo, leader of research line of Big Data & Cognitive Systems, Itainnova
European market: commercial solutions. José Ángel Blanco, Business Manager Pharma & Health, Treelogic
Available AI tools to develop a medical diagnostic software. Daniel Jiménez, AI project leader, Everis
The experience of developing a solution: CADIA (Multi-specialty platform for integrated diagnostic support). Rodrigo Casamayor, R+D researcher, INYCOM

13:00 End of webinar. “Elevator pitch” among the participants
13:30 Networking lunch

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